Three of the best dive watches, including one beloved by Japanese hipsters

Baselworld, the arena’s Swiss made dive watches largest watch fair, closed on Tuesday however a few of the whizz-bang new timepieces had already made their debut earlier than the show, through social media. Alas, I’m still gambling capture-up with the first watch fair of the year, the Salon International de l. A. Haute Horlogerie Genève, as well as the in-between period called “pre-Basel”, during which brands tease watch writers with what’s coming. This week, we’ll take a look at a number of the in-betweeners, particularly dive watches.
The Squale 1521 50 ATM Professional.
The Squale 1521 50 ATM Professional.
We start with Squale, the Italian-owned Swiss dive watch specialist that is some thing of an internet phenomenon. Up until a few years in the past, the best those who knew approximately Squale have been expert divers and hipster Japanese watch aficionados who’re usually beforehand of the developments. Recently, Squale has taken off, with YouTube vloggers zeroing in on the brand, hailing it as being a hidden gem that mixes heritage, build quality, legitimacy as a device watch and affordability. Demand has now outstripped deliver for even an entry-stage Squale and you may be left waiting a while for transport.

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